Tips on How to Spot a Fake Pearl

Published: 09th February 2010
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Pearls are very popular among women all over the world. Due to it's overwhelming popularity, fake pearls penetrated the market to compensate for the growing demand. This is why pearl buyers should be very careful when buying pearls. There are a lot of fake pearls being sold in the market that's why you have to know how to determine a fake pearl from the real deal. Here are some tips on how to do so.

One way of determining a fake pearl is by rubbing it against your teeth. This is probably one of the most popular - if not the most popular way to test a pearl's genuinity. To do this, hold the pearl and gently rub it against your teeth. If it feels rough and sandy, then it's a real pearl. On the other hand, if it feels smooth, no doubt, it's a fake pearl.

Rubbing a pearl against a mirror is another way to spot a fake pearl. To do this, rub the pearl against a mirror and observe the mirror after. An authentic pearl should leave a white powdery residue on the mirror. It may even scratch the surface of the mirror at times. Fake pearls on the other hand just glide flawlessly on the mirror when rubbed, leaving no residue or whatsoever.

Apart from the said tips, you could also spot a fake pearl by rubbing two pearls together. To do this, get two pearls and rub it against each other. Real pearls tend to create friction and would feel rough when touched after rubbing.

Rubbing pearls is just one way to spot a fake pearl, but did you know that there's another way to spot a fake one without rubbing? Here's a fact. Pearls do not melt. Try placing a pearl near a flame and observe. Real pearls could have some flame marks which could easily be cleaned with a cloth. Fake pearls melt.

Always be careful when buying pearls so that you won't end up buying a fake one. Be a smart pearl shopper!

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