Tips on Buying a Pearl Necklace

Published: 22nd March 2010
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Pearl necklaces are one of the most coveted accessories by women all over the world. It may look simple but it exudes glamour and sophistication which makes it a popular pick. Pearl necklaces come in various sizes and lengths. With all the different options to choose from, here are some tips that could guide you when buying a pearl necklace. It could also help you narrow down your choices so read on.

Pearl necklaces come in different lengths namely the collar, choker, princess length, matinee, opera, and the pearl rope. Pearl collar has three or more strands that sits in the middle of the neck. Its length is around 12-13 inches long. Chokers on the other hand sit just above the collarbone. Its length is around 14-16 inches long and is considered to be one of the most popular necklace length. The princess length on the other hand is also another popular length. Its length is around 17-19 inches long. If you're not sure of what necklace you're getting, the princess length necklace is a safe choice. Next is the matinee. Matinees are the top pick when it comes to formal occasions as well as corporate attires. Its length is around 20-24 inches long. The opera length got its name from the fact that it's always used by women to the opera - which is a strictly formal occasion. Its length is around 26-36 inches long. Its length makes it a very versatile necklace since you could shorten it by wrapping it around your neck or knotting it or wearing it as is. And last but not the least, the pearl rope. The rope's length goes from 36 inches up. It's also used for formal events and like the opera length, you could also shorten it and convert it to various lengths by knotting and wrapping around your neck.

To wrap up, the length of pearl necklaces makes it very versatile. Every length has its own character which could add an instant oomph to an outfit. Happy shopping.

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